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Funding Research

One of the three objectives of The Tom Grahame Trust has been to fund cancer research. We were looking for a project that was very closely allied to Tom's specific disease - high risk medulloblastoma. 

With the help of Sue Ablett at the Children’s Cancer and Leukemia Group, we invited funding proposals from around the world and put together a team of specialists, including Dr. Martin English at Birmingham's Children's Hospital who treated Tom, to assess the proposals.

Some great ideas were put forward and, following a detailed selection process, we're delighted to announce that we have a winner. This is Professor Steve Clifford of the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. We have donated £90,000 to fund his research project ‘Biomarker and target discovery for the improved therapy of high-risk medulloblastoma'.

We hope that if a child arrives at a hospital with a similar diagnosis as Tom in a few years' time, they may have a better chance of survival as a result of this research.

A little boy making a big difference.

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